Hedgehog Poetry Press -Halloween Anthology!

I’m delighted to say that my poem ‘The House of Dark Hearts’ appears in The Hedgehog Poetry Press‘s anthology of fabulously spooky poems! @hedgehogpoetry #Halloween #Halloween2020 #Boo

Image courtesy of Hedgehog Poetry Press

Copies available from Hedgehog Press here or via Amazon over there

Many thanks to Ed. Mark Davidson for including me alongside such mighty fine poetry!

Prose Poetry at The Poetry School

I meant to post this some time ago but life got in the way – it’s a ‘shout out’ with thanks to The Poetry School and Carrie Etter whose course, ‘Historicising the Prose Poem‘ I completed a short while ago.

@poetryschool @Carrie_Etter


I’m a complete novice at the genre; confused and perhaps a little annoyed (!) by the perceived view that it’s hard to define. However, through a series of assignments, excellent feedback and the fellow classmates’ work, I began to understand its intriguing complexity and attraction. There were some incredible poets doing the course and I had a wonderful time reading their work and learning from their understanding of Prose Poetry.

Carrie Etter
US expat poet, fiction writer
University Lecturer

Carrie has mastered the genre to great effect, as evidenced in her collection which was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award. It’s the very moving — Imagined Sons published by Seren Books

and in her forthcoming publication — The Shooting Gallery which can be pre-ordered from Verve Poetry Press

The Shooting Gallery now available for pre-order!
from Verve Poetry Press

Although the Poetry School’s online system may be a little clunky, their support staff are extremely helpful. I enjoyed expert tuition, a great standard of work from fellow poets and superb feedback. I will certainly enrol for another Poetry School some time.

In the meantime I’m delighted to say that two of my poems from the course are about to be published, one in @EyeFlashPoetry and another in @PoetryBusMag !

Eye Flash Poetry Journal
The Poetry Bus Magazine

Many thanks for reading this blog page 🙂

My Poetry News

An update on my own writing – having begun to write again earlier this year, I’m very glad to say that the past couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a lucky run.

I sent out a little bundle of poems and now have some in three forthcoming publications, one in an art exhibition and one was Highly Commended in a poetry competition.

Of Earth and Sky project by artist Luke Jerram

Some of my words have been chosen alongside those of other poets, by artist Luke Jerram of Museum of the Moon for the ‘Of Earth and Sky’ exhibition @OfEarthandSky

and they’re written into the landscape of the city of Gloucester, U.K. Luke’s Gaia Earth is the pinnacle of the ‘Earth and Sky’ exhibition and you can find out the Gaia Earth tour dates here

To read my poem ‘From the Heart’, click here –

at the Boating Lake Gloucester


My poem ‘always.whatever’ is included in Eye Flash Poetry’s ‘Dog’ Pocket Pamphlet.

Copies of this delightful pamphlet and other tempting things – can be pre-ordered by clicking here –

Image courtesy of Eye Flash Poetry Journal
eds. Charlotte Begg and Anna Britton


Many thanks to poetry competition judge Sarah James who Highly Commended my poem ‘How to Forecast During a Pandemic’ for the Gloucestershire Writers’ Network Competition – in association with The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival
and will be printed in the winners’ anthology – on sale this October from – here –

GWN Logo - Gloucestershire Writers Network Writing Competition Cheltenham Literature Festival Competition
Image courtesy of The Gloucestershire Writers’ Network – GWN


I’m very happy to have a poem in Hedgehog Poetry Press’s forthcoming spooky Halloween anthology The House in the Forest. Details available from the website – release date 31st October 2020 – mwah ha ha!

Image courtesy of The Hedgehog Poetry Press
ed. Mark Davidson


Finally, my poem ‘Of the Master’ will appear in The Poetry Bus Magazine (PB9) @PoetryBusMag – the mag will be fundraising and hope to publish September 2020.

Image courtesy of
The Poetry Bus Magazine – eds. Peadar and Collette O’Donoghue

Thanks very much for reading this blog post ❤😊

Poetry Review: Hex by Jennie Farley

Many thanks to Helen and Kate at Ink Sweat & Tears for publishing my review of Jennie Farley’s Hex from Indigo Dreams Publishers Ltd

@InkSweatTears @jennieMFarley @IndigoDreamsPub @kmalderman1

You can read my review of Jennie’s book – here

You can read Jennie’s bloghere

Happy Writing All

NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 3

Day Three is experimenting with rhyme.

I want to say I’m enjoying this but maybe only in a whisper, in case the Muse disappears! Perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect to produce complete poems each day but I’m glad to have some useful ideas to develop.

Don’t think I’ll post about this daily now because there are other projects I’d like to talk about but so far, it’s proved useful to try to write a poem a day. I’ll hope to keep it up for the entire month of April.

Good Luck All !

Self-Isolating, Pandemics & Panic-Buying

It’s Thursday 19 March 2020 and we are battling a global pandemic. Who’d have thought it?

I’m in a high risk category and so, in line with UK Government and National Health Service advice, I’m staying at home for the next 12 weeks, bar emergencies. This seems quite unreal, I know others feel this too.

At least I have my lovely daughter and husband to keep me company and do tasks outside the home. Others are not as lucky but it’s great to see so many offers of help for each other. This is the best side of us coming out and it’s heartwarming.

Panic-Buying though is the less heartwarming side of our natures …

See the source image

A Critical Care nurse broke our hearts when she broke down after 48 hours on duty, trying to save lives. There wasn’t any fresh fruit or vegetables left in the supermarket because people had cleaned the shelves of essential foods and she didn’t know how to keep herself healthy – to use her words …

Just stop it, please!


I’m anxious though as our son is one of the many on the front line treating people hospitalised with Covid-19. We won’t be able to see him for however long it takes to see this virus gone. That’s upsetting BUT ALSO he has no toilet paper at home because there’s none left and he hasn’t time to look for it!

Please, let’s all calm down and stop the panic-buying ❤️ let’s give the elderly and those in greatest need a chance.

Like many others, I want to try to make more of my isolation than just sitting on social media and looking mournfully out of the window.

I’ll try to share what I’m reading on here and will be interested to see what everyone else is up to.

Next post will be about Charlotte Begg’s intriguing poetry pamphlet,
My Father/The Son/No-One’s Ghost (Broken Sleep Books) … back soon xx