Learning how to use WordPress, William Wordsworth and Unrest in the U.K. …


I seem to have used two similar posts for my first entries to WordPress. Apologies. I thought I’d lost the first draft so made a second one, which was slightly shorter than the first, due to running out of patience! Hey ho.

I was going to post a poetry review today but instead, wanted to say this –

Everything Stops for Tea!

There May Be Trouble Ahead …

There’s a Great British Cliche that any difficult issue, be it M&S selling out of your favourite knickers or trying to solve the global Climate Emergency, that can’t be improved with a ‘nice’ cup of tea.

A Nice Cup of Tea

To say that things are ‘very difficult’ here in the U.K. and in England in particular is an example of the fine British art of understatement. Floods, climate emergency, political turmoil, austerity, and unrest on a global scale; we need an awful lot more tea.

We’ve had a very contentious vote on BREXIT (the decision for Britain to leave the European Union) and the whole of the U.K. is still divided along set lines of Remain or Leave.

I keep hearing William Wordsworth’s words …

London, 1802

Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour:
England hath need of thee: she is a fen
Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen,
Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,
Have forfeited their ancient English dower
Of inward happiness. We are selfish men;
Oh! raise us up, return to us again;
And give us manners, virtue, freedom, power.
Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart:
Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea:
Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,
So didst thou travel on life’s common way,
In cheerful godliness; and yet thy heart
The lowliest duties on herself did lay.

From the Poetry Foundation https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45528/london-1802

… okay, a little on the idealistic side maybe, but a call to be better at least.

I’ll be up front and say that I was and am still, a ‘Remainer’. I believe our nations should have the right to choose to either accept the ‘deal’ made by politicians or reject it, as its consequences will echo down the generations. BUT I am not into attacking anyone who wanted to Leave the EU and a lot of people are very concerned at this toxic culture of ‘othering’ people. If we profoundly disagree and can’t resolve issues through debate then I’d argue it’s time to stop to reconsider our course of action.

Things have gone too far when our Press and Politicians, on all sides of the divide, can’t feel safe due to death threats and actual physical assault. I think now of the horrendous and vile murder of Labour Politician, Jo Cox. Someone decided to stab her when she left her constituency office, because they didn’t agree with her Pro-European stance. All her dedication and caring for the people she represented, were completely overlooked through this act of blind fury and left her young children without a mother. What are we thinking?

It’s such a wonderful testament to her memory that Jo’s family have continued her legacy with the Jo Cox Foundation

‘Our vision is for a kinder, more compassionate society where every individual has a sense of belonging and where we recognise that we have more in common than that which divides us.’

Jo Cox Foundation at https://www.jocoxfoundation.org/vision


Hostility and intolerance has become a part of our every day it seems but I’m pretty sure that whatever dark forces swirl beneath these uncertainties, they can’t win as long as we still have HOPE.

Let’s end on a lighter note! Here’s Professor Elemental with his take on Jack Buchanan 1930’s song ‘Everything Stops for Tea’ best served with a tasty portion of irony – enjoy!

‘Everything Stops for Tea’ version by Professor Elemental, award-winning hip hop artist and poet

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